Dentist in Town – The Team

We opened The Dentist in Town in 2008 when changes to the NHS made it obvious that we would not be able to provide the sort of care within the system that we would want to receive as patients. After more than twenty years of working mainly in the Health Service, it was a big decision – but one that we and our patients have never regretted.

Here’s a little bit about us – not about what we do (continually developing our skills and knowledge while striving to provide the best possible service. Everybody does that) – but who we are. It’s only a taster. If you want to find out more you’ll have to come in and see us.


Tom Nolan – Dentist

Tom SmallTom graduated from Birmingham University shortly after teeth evolved. Since then he has worked in hospitals, school clinics, NHS and private practices. Before dentistry, he acted – not necessarily very well. He writes and occasionally manages to sell his work. In 2015 he came second in the Story Pros International Screenplay Contest. Tom has always been an enthusiastic runner, taking part in charity events whenever possible but it looks as if injury (+ age + laziness) has put paid to that.


Sufyaan Patel – Hygienist/ Therapist

As a therapist, Sufyaan is qualified to provide fillings – so you have an alternative if you can’t take any more of Tom whining about his injuries and Liverpool FC’s persistent determination to disappoint him. Sufyaan has worked in a variety of NHS and private practices. If you check out our Facebook page you’ll see photos of him hanging out at the House of Lords with the likes of One Direction, Joanna Lumley and people off East Enders after receiving the British Community Honours Award. He’s also a Medallist of the British Empire and has been Young Person of the Year. So that’s more than enough about him.


Nita Donnelly – Practice Manager

Nita SmallOn a geological timescale, Nita only recently started nursing. By any other method of measurement, it’s been since forever – and that is reflected in her amazing ability. Nita seems to have worked in every dental practice on the planet and is now a part-timer/ Lady of Leisure. Her interests include child care, pub quizzes, chocolate and gallivanting. She recently bought an open topped sports car, which gives her and her husband backache but they love it. Mid-life crisis or what?


Meike Warren – Dental Nurse

Meike learned her trade in her home town of Hamelin in Germany (and it’s safe to assume she’s heard every Pied Piper joke at least a hundred times). She is an excellent nurse and frequent supplier of delicious German chocolate – so a little creeping on my part is understandable (though not, of course, needed). Her hobbies include shopping, baking and trying to convince people she doesn’t look like someone from an Ancient Egyptian wall painting. Good luck with that.


Jo McAllister – Receptionist

Jo is an experienced dental nurse and receptionist. She prefers working on reception, probably because it’s more of a sit-down job. That’s all the information she gave me to put on here so she’s either modest or, possibly, a secret agent. Great receptionist, though.private parties caricaturistвзять деньги в долг курскбыстрые займы в красноярске до 100 000восхождение на вулкан килиманджаро сафари на джипахкак положить деньги в кредит на теле2кредитка онлайн по почтедокументы дл¤ сафари в африкестеклянные крышки для посудыпосуда интернеткакие радиаторы отопленияtranlate russian to englishраскрутка сайта в yandex самостоятельнокаркасные дома из ыинляндиибесплатный аудит сайта