Dentist in Town – Dental Costs

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People come to us because they like the way we do things. They like the fact that we take the
time to make your visit relaxed and enjoyable, that we use the best materials, and that we book
appointments for long enough to allow us to do everything with the utmost care and precision.


We charge what we must in order to supply this level of service. Yes we could go down the ‘conveyor belt route’, packing people in and charging them less but that’s not the way we want to work – and, more importantly, it’s not the way our clients want us to work. We are not expensive, compared with other practices providing high-end cosmetic dentistry in Birmingham City Centre, but if cost is more important to you than service, the Dentist in Town may not be the place for you – not because you’ll find us too expensive (you won’t) but because we all prefer to do business with people who are like us, people who share our values.


Veneers, crowns, bridges and dentures are bespoke services, tailored to the individual needs of
the person and of the teeth involved. Fillings are available in a variety of materials to meet a wide range of demands (cavities vary in size and complexity; there may be special requirements in terms of appearance or durability). Consequently, it is not possible to quote prices without giving you a thorough examination.


In every case, however, we will lay out all the alternatives that are appropriate for you, advise you which one we feel is best, tell you what each one will cost, and let you make an informed decision in your own time.


To give you an idea:


Routine Examination: £30

Examination for a New Patient (including a detailed consultation with the dentist, X-rays and photographs as necessary, oral cancer check and bespoke individual treatment plan): £62.00

x-rays: £11 each

Hygienist: £48.30

Invisible Braces from £1,200.00

Porcelain Veneers: from £475 each

Crowns: from £475

White fillings: from £95.00

Teeth Whitening: from £295

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