Denplan membership

Dentist in Town – Dental Insurance

At the Dentist in Town we believe that prevention is always better than cure. In line with this, our members receive a range of benefits designed to keep you healthy and smiling.


There are many dental payment plans on the market, allowing you to spread the cost of treatment. We use Denplan because we feel it’s the best.


There are 3 levels of membership available to suit different prevention requirements. Your dentist or hygienist will recommend which level best suits your individual needs. For example, people prone to gum problems or tooth staining would benefit from a membership level that includes more time with the hygienist.


All levels include world-wide dental emergency insurance.


For more details fill in the form above or call us on 0121 236 8681 or go to Denplan


Special service for members only


If you run out of a product that one of our hygienists has recommended and it’s not available in the shops (and many of them aren’t because either they’re prescription-only or they’re being marketed only to dental professionals) just let us know and we’ll get get a replacement to you – and we’ll pay the postage.


Of course, if you want to pop in, you’re always welcome – and the kettle is always on.


What to do now?


• Any member of our practice team will be happy to help you.
• You need only fill in a simple (and very short) Direct Debit form and you’re covered.

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