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We aim to be The Most Friendly Dental Practice in Birmingham

  • Tom Nolan – Principal Dentist


    I qualified from Birmingham University back in The Dark Ages and have since worked in hospitals, community clinics, NHS practices and private practices. I average 75 hours of specialist courses every year to stay up to date with the latest techniques and materials.


    Got into snoring therapy largely as an act of self-preservation – I kept waking up under a hail of punches and kicks. Now I’m generally bruise-free. And speaking of assailants…


    Married to Lesley with three kids who spend most of their time being wonderful – If I talk about what they’re like the rest of the time, they (being agents of Hell) will make me very, very sorry.


    Many years ago, I worked as an actor. I still write, and manage to sell, the occasional script for TV, radio and theatre. When people ask me why I got into dentistry, I tell them what they (and I’m sure you) want to hear – all of which is true, but it gave me a bit of a push when somebody on the Liverpool staff decided it would be amusing to replace my shirt with a hairdryer. I might not be able to take a penalty but I can take a hint.


    So unable to play football for personal gain, I started running for charity. The photo on the Home Page was taken at the end of the Great North Run. Incredibly, I didn’t win that year, being narrowly pipped at the post by a skinny Kenyan bloke and 20,000 other people – an embarrassingly large number of whom were dressed as fluffy vegetables.


    Training to run faster and farther led me to UnderArmour performance-enhancing mouthwear. This stuff works brilliantly. If you take part in competitive sport – even if you’re only competing against yourself – you should click on the link and check it out.

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