Helping You Prevent Tooth Decay

Everything we do is based on keeping your gums healthy. The gums and the bone beneath them are, literally, the foundations of your teeth and your smile. Just as with a building, if the foundations aren’t sound, anything you put on top will fail.


These days, many dental practices do not employ hygienists because they are ‘not profitable’. In our view, this is short-sighted, dangerous and, frankly, stupid. (Personal opinion from Tom: A quick ‘scale and polish’ from the dentist will not achieve the desired results and will over time cost you more, both financially and in terms of poor results.)


That is why we employ two superb hygienists to ensure that your smile is built on sound foundations.


We believe in this so strongly that if your present dentist does not have a hygienist, you are very welcome to come and see one of ours without having to transfer to us for your other dental treatment.


This is what happens during your examinations at The Dentist in Town:

• We listen carefully to any problems you are experiencing or any concerns you have relating to your mouth and teeth.

• We conduct a thorough examination of your mouth, inside and out, checking for jaw problems, tooth decay, acid erosion, wear and tear, cracks, evidence of tooth grinding and any other damage to the teeth, gum disease, infections and mouth cancer.

• X-rays and photographs will be taken if needed.

• We discuss the findings with you and offer a personalized treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. You have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have. If, as often happens to us all, a question occurs to you after you have left the practice, you are welcome to call us or arrange to pop back for further discussion.

• You are given a full written estimate outlining any proposed treatment and an itemised list of any fees involved.

We can apply pleasant tasting fluoride varnish to your teeth to make them more resistant to acid attack and decay. This varnish also reduces sensitivity to hot and cold.


Children can have the chewing surfaces of their permanent teeth sealed to prevent decay. This involves painting the sealant on and setting it with a light. There is no drilling involved.


As with everything else we do at The Dentist in Town, these treatments finely tuned to the specific needs of each individual patient.


So, as always, let’s talk about it and decide together how to move forward.

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