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Teeth Whitening


Have you ever wished you had a whiter, more attractive smile?

Have you ever looked at photographs of film stars or models and wondered what you could achieve if you had the confidence to smile like them? Our general work is given the same level of care and enthusiasm as the flashier cosmetic stuff because it’s just as important. At present, we do not provide orthodontic treatment (e.g. braces). So if you or your child needs this, we will refer to an outside specialist for whom we can personally vouch. Professional teeth whitening at The Dentist in Town can give you a smile you’ll be proud to show off. Here are some facts about the Dentist in Town Teeth Whitening System:

  • It’s simple, fast and effective – In less than 2 weeks 98 of our patients achieve results they had previously only dreamed about.
  • It’s very affordable – The Dentist in Town teeth Whitening System costs only £295 – for something that with minimal maintenance could last a lifetime!
  • It’s safe – The teeth are not damaged in any way. Our whitening gels are all medically tested and approved. No two mouths are the same so we always tailor our procedures precisely to the needs of each individual.
  • It’s ethical – We’ll examine you first and if your teeth are not suitable for whitening, we’ll tell you and we’ll suggest any alternatives that may be appropriate. If your teeth are suitable and if you follow the simple instructions, your smile WILL lighten.
  • You are in control – You decide how white you want to go (although it is not possible to predict precisely how much the shade of any individual’s teeth will change).

Time after time, our patients tell us that whitening their teeth has given them the confidence to set about transforming their lives. See our testimonials Call us now on 0121 236 8681 and arrange to come in so we can check if teeth whitening is right for you. (There’s no charge for this first session and no obligation. If for any reason you decide not to go ahead with the proposed treatment, that’s absolutely fine.) AND if you bring a friend, we’ll give you each 15 off the cost of your Dentist in Town Teeth Whitening System. I’m looking forward to seeing you – and then to seeing the NEW you. Call us now on 0121 236 8681. You’ll be very glad you did.Tom Nolan The Dentist in Town Back to Servicesпродвижение бренда через интернет prэкспресс займ ооо микрофинансовая организацияденьги в долг онлайн на карту сбербанкаотдых в конце ма¤килиманджаро сафарисрочно нужны деньги в долг улан удэкредитование малого бизнеса актуальностьпутевки в египет в сентябре 2015купить крышки для посудыpersian language translatorуслуги продвижение бренда блогахтаунхаусы из сип панелейчем обшить каркасный домвегето сосудистая дистония лечение форум