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Stop snoring

Dr Tom Nolan is a registered local specialist with Solutions for Snoring

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Is snoring destroying your sex life?

Many people think snoring is a bit of a joke. It isn’t. Snoring carries many serious health risks.
Unfortunately, many of us ignore these, thinking, That can’t happen to me. So let’s concentrate on
something you can’t ignore:

Snoring can seriously reduce your sex drive and your sexual performance. You know if this applies
to you but you probably haven’t linked it to your snoring.

FACT: 50 of men who suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
(inability to breathe properly while snoring) produce low levels of
FACT: Snorers do not sleep well. The resultant fatigue reduces libido and performance.
FACT: Snoring causes stress in relationships.
FACT: Severe snorers are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.
FACT: Snorers are more than twice as likely to experience low levels of sexual satisfaction.

We Can Help

Most of the men we have treated have told us they hadn’t realized how bad things had become until
we helped them stop snoring. Suddenly they felt 18 again with;


- More energy

- Higher sex drive and improved sexual performance

- Better relationships

- Better performance at work


Guys, you don’t have to lose out. These days, snoring is treatable – and the solution is simple and
extremely affordable. You don’t need surgery, or lasers or any of the ineffective nonsense that’s
been tried in the past. You need the appropriate, non-invasive, treatment.


So what should you do?


Call The Dentist in Town for a free, no-obligation, confidential consultation.

It’s up to you to turn your life around and the first step is to call

The Dentist in Town on 0121 236 8681
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