Dentist in Town – Testimonials

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  • "Hi Tom, finally remembered to get on the Amazon site and order your book - great value and money well spent, especially as it was free P&P. And I did read it! I'm passing it on to the grand kids, and hope they take notice. Many thanks for being a brilliant dentist and for you recent help when I needed emergency treatment.
    Kindest regards,"

    Barbara Bane
  • "Hi All
    Just a note to say thank you for giving me the confidence to smile again. Everyone likes my new teeth and they actually feel just like my own. They have made me feel so much better about myself.
    A big thanks again"

    Bev Porter
  • "Dear Tom, Nita & Selina - the 'dream team of dentistry',

    Until now I'd always considered myself to be a champion dentist dodger...phobic, panicked, petrified (and all other words beginning with 'p')! Put in simplistic terms I'd gained myself a masters degree in not going to the dentist but, at the same time, loathing everything about my teeth.

    Between you, you've restored my faith in coming to the dentist and I cannot find the words to express my thanks to you all for transforming not only my smile, but my confidence also. I never thought I would have a smile like this - it always felt beyond my reach...thanks so much for making it possible and making me believe it was too.

    I am no longer Laura 'can't smile, won't smile' Ridgway - and I can finally show my son by my smile how wonderfully proud I am of him - I can never thank you enough for that.

    Until next time.......... CHEEEEEEEEEEESE!! ;-))

    PS Tom - my dad's reaction was...tears of joy, a big hug and I quote....'I am so proud to be your dad - you look so very beautiful'. xx"

    Laura Ridgway
  • "I used to be very anxious about visiting the dentist, to the point where I stayed away for years. I thought I might need hypnotherapy or sedation to overcome my fear but it turned out I was wrong. What I actually needed were dental professionals with patience and understanding who would take the time to listen to me, explain clearly what they needed to do and then carry out the necessary work carefully, painlessly and to the highest possible standard.

    This is what I found on my first and every subsequent visit to The Dentist in Town and they are the qualities that will keep me going back. Tom Nolan and the team are absolutely committed to the well-being of their patients. Everyone I have met there has done all they can to ensure that visiting the dentist - which it used to be stressful even to think about - is now practically a pleasure. So now my teeth no longer bother me, my smile looks better than it has done in years and most importantly, I'm not scared any more.

    That's all thanks to Tom, Nita, Katie and Jenna and their skill, professionalism, good humour and 100% patient-centred outlook. I now recommend The Dentist in Town to anyone who will listen and most especially to anyone whose anxiety, like mine used to, is stopping them from getting their teeth properly taken care of. To them I would say: think how great it would be not to be scared any more - and then contact The Dentist in Town to arrange an appointment. You will not regret it."

    Aidan Sammons
  • "I'd just like to take this chance to say how impressed I was by the friendliness of all your team & the real sense of patient care you extend in your practice.

    (Part of my job here at the uni is teaching the role emotional intelligence can play in patient care in any kind of clinical situation & what can I say - you guys are all just born naturals!)

    I'm almost looking forward to my return visit - something I never thought I would say in relation to visiting the dentist!!

    Take care & see you soon

    Very best wishes"

    Ethan Rhemahn
  • "Tom has been my dentist for the best part of a decade and I have recommended him to friends, family and colleagues. If you want a good, friendly and cost effective dentist in town this is the place to go."

    Maggie Fogarty.
  • "I wasn't very optimistic when I went to The Dentist in Town. My teeth had always been a problem and it had been probably ten or fifteen years since I smiled in a photograph. A few other dentists had tried to sell me expensive courses of treatment but Tom Nolan actually took the trouble to find out exactly what it was that was making me unhappy with my smile. When I admitted that I thought my teeth were yellow and made me look older than my years, he suggested a cheap tooth whitening treatment. This worked brilliantly and now you can't stop me smiling. Thank you so so much."

    Tina Walker
  • "I popped into The Dentist in Town for a second opinion and estimate for quite extensive dental work.

    From the initial consultation, I was impressed by both the reception and dental nurse staff, and the dentist, Yas. I decided to leave the practice I had been with for 20 years, and go with The Dentist in Town. I am delighted that I did.

    The costs were comparable with what I had been previously quoted but the attitude and service were far better than I had been experiencing at my previous practice.

    As some of the work was cosmetic, I was anxious to have the best treatment available, and I have not been disappointed. Yas did not take the easiest or costliest options for my treatment, explained everything clearly and the work he carried out was excellent, with no pain and very little discomfort.

    Needless to say, I will continue to use The Dentist in Town and have no hesitation in recommending them."

    Dorothy Lowe
  • "To Tom and Anita

    I love my new smile. Thank you so much. My new teeth look great. See you soon. "

    Wendy Morris.
  • "The Dentist, my story.

    Dr Tom Nolan has been looking after my teeth for some time now, as has his assistant Anita. Both have put a new face on going to the dentist, which is usually an ordeal for many people but not for me. Not only do I get what I pay for that is highly professional dental treatment and utmost care, but in addition to this comes other things too.

    Nothing can compare with good manners, courtesy, respect and friendliness. Rare commodities in today's world, but this is what you get when you pay a visit to The Dentist in Town. It is a pleasure to have my dental health attended to here. I would go nowhere else. I quite like the idea of sinking into the comfortable chair and having a short rest as my dentist attends to my teeth. There is always a sense of humour as well which is very reassuring. I would recommend The Dentist in Town to anyone who wats the very best in dental care and the very best in human nature. You can't beat it. So I urge you to make The Dentist in Town your dentist and see what a difference it makes to your smile as well as your life. It is good to know that there are still some things about that put you first and have your best interests at heart.

    From a very grateful patient, "

    Peter Dragicevic.
  • "I have been a patient of Dr Tom Nolan's for over 10 years and to me he is the perfect Dentist, and makes you feel very much at ease. I can honestly say that over the years I have never felt any intense pain, even the injections have been virtually pain free. The staff at 'Dentist in Town' are really friendly and make you feel very welcome. The waiting room has a very calming atmosphere and makes you feel very relaxed. Above all else I feel that the treatment you receive is genuine and they don't perform unnecessary dental work. "

    Pam Dewar
  • " My experience is that, in matters of dentistry, Tom Nolan is entirely non-judgemental (which is just as well in my case), and this is just one of the many reasons I have followed him from practice to practice for more than 20 years. (For some reason he doesn't seem to mind that I continue to violate the 100-metre rule in my restraining order.) I've never felt anything other than 100% satisfied with any of the dental work Tom has carried out on me, nor with his explanations and assessments of the treatment required.

    Now that he and his partners have their own practice, I'm more than happy to recommend Tom and the team to anyone requiring dental treatment, and especially those apprehensive about visiting the dentist, whether for reasons of fear or for misgivings about the changes to the dental profession over the last few years - you can be sure you'll be put completely at your ease in the first case, and that your treatment will represent superb value in the second.

    It's also my experience that medical staff working in the private sector are every bit as committed to their professions as those who continue to work in the NHS, and that there are other - usually political - reasons that make private practice a better option for them. This professional commitment is certainly a feature at The Dentist in Town, but patients have the advantage of being treated in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, of a chat with the staff before being asked to "open wide", and even of refreshments while you wait - be careful of asking for sugar in your tea, though, as you might be charged extra!

    All in all, then, if you have a problem with your teeth, it's probably your own fault, but you're unlikely to find a better team to put it right for you.

    I also happen to know (because I asked) that The Dentist in Town take great care with the personal data they hold on us as patients under the Data Protection Act 1998; so, unlike, for example, the practices of the Ministry of Defence or the Home Office, your personal information will never be made freely available to rail or taxi passengers."

    Steve Hewlett
  • "Tom Nolan has been my dentist for 20 years. I remember my first appointment like it was yesterday. I hadn’t seen a dentist for several years, having experienced some pretty painful treatment that had left me pretty much terrified of dentistry. Needless to say, my neglected gob required a number of fillings which Tom sorted out over a couple of sessions. I realised for the first time that local anaesthetics, when injected slowly and carefully are very effective. Tom was unhurried and reassuring, checking periodically that the nerves were properly numb before continuing.

    Two decades on and I am scared stiff of visiting another dentist. I wish The Dentist in Town every success and would be very grateful if Tom were to delay his retirement until at least 70, by which time I’ll probably be beyond needing teeth…"

    Paul Clive
  • "Dear Tom, Thank you for yours and Harry's time today - I know I am a demanding patient! As I believe you understood I was a little dubious of the advice I got from my previous dentist. I understand that my teeth and gums are in a bad way, but I am not looking to achieve the Hollywood smile - bar a few changes that could better it, I'm kind of happy with the one I have! But I am looking for the best chance for the teeth that do remain in my mouth and a higher level of hygiene and care. I am however realistic that some drastic action may be needed and do take the future of my mouth very seriously, giving up smoking is one of the hardest things I have ever done and I'm still trying!

    I was really impressed with everything that happened today and all that we discussed. I am a very straight talking person (really!) and I appreciate your straight and direct approach - I came away today really feeling like I can trust you and that is cosmetic dentist birmingham.jpg of course extremely important, but especially to me as I don't think I have ever trusted a dentist and am quite nervous of you lot!

    I shall phone to make an appointment with your hygienist in the morning. Again, many thanks for your time today and I look forward to have you "poke about" some more soon!

    Kind regards,"

    Hana Denham
  • "Just a note to say how thrilled we are that you have opened a new practice in Birmingham.

    We had no hesitation in joining, given the excellent treatment you have always given our family over the past 16 years.

    It wasn't until we had to use a different dentist, that we realized what wonderful service and value for money you deliver.

    We value the fact that you look after our day-to-day dental needs, without continually trying to trade us up to expensive cosmetic treatments like some of your less scrupulous competitiors do.

    We were also really impressed with the new premises and the state of the art equipment. It looks great and we are always made to feel really welcome and relaxed. Thank you!

    We wish you all the look in your new venture and we wish you every success. You deserve it."

    The O\'Gorman family
  • "Hi Tom (and everyone)
    I just wanted to say I'm over the moon with my new teeth - they look fantastic. Thank you for the brilliant service - very professional and cannot be faulted. I certainly will be sending people your way."

    Tracey Thomas
  • "Hiya Tom,
    Thanks for today - I am so pleased that I came for the consultation and the cost is nothing like what I expected it to be.
    I am very happy that I finally know what I'm looking at after having put it off for more years than I can remember!
    Thanks to you (and your lovely receptionist) for making today a good day to go to the dentist!
    Look forward to hearing from you,

    PS Lunch in Birmingham was cake! Lunch in Birmingham is therefore.....'greaaat'!"

  • "I find the practice extremely helpful and the service is excellent. I Really like the way you contact people to remind them of their appointments and the friendly atmosphere created by your staff."

    Della Eaton